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Kyrgyz national football team shares expectations before match with India

Members of the national football team of Kyrgyzstan shared their expectations before their match with India. Football Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

Today, Bangalore (India) will host a match of the second round in the group A within the decisive qualifying round of the Asian Cup 2019. Beginning is at 20.30 Bishkek time.

«The mood in the team is competitive. We underwent excellent pre-match training. The weather is very fine, quite comfortable. All the guys are very serious about the game, and everyone is ready to take the field. We will play only to win," Mirlan Murzaev, captain of the team said.

«I think we were a little lucky. It is the rainy season now, and there are quite comfortable weather conditions," the goalkeeper of the national team Pavel Matyash said. «Like in all other matches, the main difficulty is we ourselves. If we stick to the plan, then I do not see any difficulties. Yes, the rival is not easy. But we must first think about our game and carry out the task. Our strength is the team game.»

Photo Sunil Chhetri

The attacker of the national team of India Sunil Chhetri shared his hopes. «We are very positive. But in any case, we can not relax. One mistake and everything will be lost," he said. «I did not participate in the recent friendly match against Nepal. I sat on the podium and happily watched the excellent play of my comrades. It is difficult to take the field and win, but we can. Tomorrow, we will face a strong rival. We will do our best to achieve the goal.»