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Ombudsman: women in childbirth are charged money in Kyrgyzstan

When entering the maternity hospitals, pregnant women are charged money in the fund of a medical institution under various plausible pretexts. This is stated in the special report of the Ombudsman «Observance of reproductive rights of women in the Kyrgyz Republic».

As part of the inspection of the maternity homes, anonymous questioning of 253 women, anonymous interviews with 150 women and interviews with 65 medical personnel have been conducted.

The interviewed women noted that they had to pay money twice in the maternity hospital fund. The first installment was upon admission to the hospital (200–250 soms), the second — when transferring to another department (200 soms).

Medical workers explained their actions by the fact that money received from pregnant women is spent on women themselves (paper napkins, liquid soap and others). At the same time, many women noted that they came to the hospital with all the necessary hygiene means for themselves and the child.

In practice, women are not given hygienic means from the maternity hospital.

Pregnant women also buy medicines at their own expense.

The special report was submitted to the Parliament of the country.