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Human rights defenders in Kyrgyzstan do not trust UN Office

Human rights defenders in Kyrgyzstan do not trust the UN Office in Bishkek. They hold a protest today.

As the head of the Legal Clinic «Adilet», ex-deputy Cholpon Dzhakupova, noted, one of the main mandates of the United Nations is the protection of human rights.

The situation with freedom of speech, political prisoners is aggravating. Silence and reports, saying that everything is good in the country, cause bewilderment.

Cholpon Dzhakupova

Human rights activists hold a rally in protest outside the UN building.

Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres will arrive in the Kyrgyz Republic tomorrow.

«The local UN Office has always worked out meetings with human rights defenders. This will not happen for the first time. The meeting was planned, but then at the insistence of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, it was canceled. It turns out, Antonio Guterres will be just presented Taza Koom program to get funding," Cholpon Dzhakupova added.