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Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression of Kyrgyzstan complains to UN, OSCE

Representatives of the Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression of Kyrgyzstan filed a complaint to UN and OSCE. The head of the organization Adil Turdukulov informed 24.kg news agency.

According to him, UN and OSCE should strongly advise and help the Kyrgyz authorities to immediately stop the persecution of independent media, opposition politicians and civil activists.

«UN and OSCE should insist that free and independent media and the existence of the opposition are an indispensable condition and unconditional requirement for holding free and fair elections. The UN and the OSCE should demand to withdraw all lawsuits against independent publications and civil activists, unfreeze the arrested bank accounts, release the arrested property, lift the prohibitions on leaving the country and release political prisoners," Adil Turdukulov said.

He added that there are 25 politicians and civil activists who are accused of a serious crime — attempted coup, hooliganism, mass riots in GKNB pretrial detention center and other detention centers. «But in fact they are judged for their critical opinion against the authorities. In this background, there is a broad attack on the opposition and independent media, which began several years ago, but has intensified this year," Adil Turdukulov said.

Civil activists will hold a rally in front of UNDP building in protest on June 10 — on the day of the arrival of the head of the United Nations. Adil Turdukulov added that the protesters want to give Antonio Guterres evidence of the negative processes that are taking place in the country.