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Italian Amedeo Colace surprised by green Bishkek

Amedeo Colace was born in Rome, and has been living in Kyrgyzstan since February 2016. He came here with his family — a 6-year-old daughter and a wife, who works in the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

I visited your country for the first time 20 years ago, when I worked in Kazakhstan.

Amedeo Colace

— What surprises you in Bishkek and in Kyrgyzstan?

— In Bishkek, I was surprised how green it is and how similar it is to Almaty: here and there you have a wonderful view of the mountains!

— What reminds you of your hometown?

— My hometown Rome is very different from Bishkek: you have the most beautiful mountains around, and we have a beautiful sea — near the city.

— What do you miss in our country?

— I miss the smell of the sea, but I like living in Bishkek very much.

— Do your already have a favorite place in Bishkek?

— Of course! We, the Italians, like delicious food, that’s why almost every day I go to an Italian pizzeria, where I meet my fellow countrymen. And my favorite place is the park on the South Gate! Surrounded by mountains, this is an ideal place for daily jogging.

— What do you like in the national cuisine, and what are you afraid even to taste?

— I like everything in your cuisine — a kuurdak, plov with dried fruits, manty, shashlyk. But I hesitate to taste the lamb’s head, although I was told that it is a sign of deep respect for the guest.

— What has fascinated and disappointed you in a close acquaintance with the local population?

— I was fascinated by the fact that the Kyrgyz are always hospitable and kind. Many of them smile often! People from the local population have always been happy to help me in different situations.

I was so inspired by Kyrgyzstan, your nature and culture, that I launched a page in Italian «Il Mio viaggio in Kirghizistan» (My trip to Kyrgyzstan) so that many of my compatriots can learn about your country.

Amedeo Colace

— What would you change in Bishkek?

— I would change some things to preserve the ecology. I like jogging and I cover about 50 kilometers every week. Therefore, I often think that, for example, you can limit traffic, make movement possible only for cars that use refined fuel. Or you could abandon the minibuses since they are dangerous for their passengers and for passengers in nearby cars. And you could launch electric buses instead of them.