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Rally against ban on land transformation held at White House in Bishkek

Rally against the ban on the transformation of land is held in front of the White House in Bishkek. There are about 50 people who came from different regions of the country.

«Let the deputies lift the transformation ban!», «Deputies, do not deceive the people!», «Isa Omurkulov, go out to the people!», «Nazarov, go out to the people!» protesters shout.

Moratorium on transformation of land from the category of agricultural land into the land for construction was introduced in 2009. Now, 41,000 people all over the country can neither sell their homes, nor obtain loans, nor be registered in them.

Coordinator of the People's Movement "Transformation" Bakyt Aitaliev

According to him, this issue will be considered by the Committee on Agrarian Policy in the near future, and then the issue will be brought to the plenary session. «This bill passed the first reading in the Parliament. It has to pass two more readings and be signed by the President. We hold a rally today to draw attention to our problem. We demand from the heads of the factions of the Parliament and head of the Commission on Agrarian Policy Aitmamat Nazarov to go out to us," Bakyt Aitaliev explained.