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State Property Management Fund replenishes budget by 331 mln in 2017

In the first quarter of 2017, the state budget received 331.2 million soms with a plan of 342 million from the State Property Management Fund. Bekbolot Aliev, deputy head of the fund, said this today at its board meeting.

The sum includes dividends from:

— state block of shares — 280.5 million;

 — profits of state enterprises — 34.3 million;

 — leasing out the state property — 16.4 million soms.

«With the plan of 960.7 million soms, the proceeds from the State Property Management Fund for 5 months of 2017 amounted to 974.6 million soms, including 884.1 million soms from dividends on the state block of shares, 62.3 million soms — from the profits of state enterprises, and 28.2 million soms- from lease of the state property, " the deputy head of the fund said.