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OSCE interested in presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan

OSCE Chairman Lamberto Zannier will visit Kyrgyzstan on June 12–13, Foreign Affairs Ministry informed at a press conference.

It is noted that Lamberto Zannier has repeatedly visited the KR. His last visit took place in August 2015. This time, the head of the OSCE will discuss the upcoming presidential elections on October 15 and issues of regional cooperation within the OSCE.

Earlier, the Kyrgyz Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced its intention to transform the OSCE Center in Bishkek into the Program Office from January 1, 2017. This happened after the speech of one of the former leaders of the Uzbek public Kadyrzhan Batyrov in Warsaw at the annual meeting of OSCE / ODIHR.

The status of the OSCE Center in the Kyrgyz Republic was not determined until the beginning of 2017. On January 31 it became known that the Permanent Council of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe resumed the mandates of the missions in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

The mandate of Lamberto Zannier as head of the OSCE ends on June 30.