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Kyrgyzstan becomes leader in growth of human development index in region

Kyrgyzstan has become the leader in the growth of the index of human development in Central Asia, but lags behind in its level. This was announced today at the presentation of the national report on human development by the head of the group of authors Rafkat Hasanov.

According to him, the country achieved success in separate components of human development — health care and education. Significant losses occurred due to the level of economic development and social inequality.

«Because of the uneven growth in real incomes and the lack of targeted social support in 2013–2014, Kyrgyzstan was at the peak of the level of monetary inequality. There are no measures to reduce inequality, the strategic documents don’t set indicators. Measuring of multidimensional poverty doesn’t have a serious methodological basis, and therefore it is beyond the radar of socio-economic policy," Rafkat Hasanov said.