USD 84.78
EUR 99.84
RUB 1.17

Dollar rises in price by 20 tyiyns in Kyrgyzstan over weekend

Dollar has risen in price by 20 tyiyns over weekend in Kyrgyzstan. Growth in US dollar exchange rate is observed for the second week in a row.

Today, the capital’s exchange offices and commercial banks buy the dollar for 68–68.2 soms, and sell — for 68.3–68.4. The nominal rate is set at 68.17 soms (an increase of 0.09 percent).

Small growth of Russian ruble and tenge is also observed. They have risen in price by an average of 15–20 tyiyns. The ruble is bought for 1.19–1.2 and sold for 1,205–1.23 soms. Kazakh tenge costs 0.2–0.23 soms. It rose in price for the first time after a sharp fall in August 2015.