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18 ISIL militants, including Kyrgyzstanis, detained in Moscow

18 militants of ISIL were detained in Moscow, including Kyrgyz citizens, who were preparing terrorist attacks in the metro and restaurant. Pravda.ru reported.

According to it, ISIL mini bases were detected in houses on Sholokhovskaya and Novoorlovskaya Streets. All the apartments that were occupied by the detainees were viewed from each other’s windows. In such a way, groups of extremists could disrupt an assault by fire from automatic weapons or escape in time.

FSB officers detained other 12 people in the house on Novoorlovskaya Street. In addition to improvised explosive device disguised as a coffee grinder, officers found in the apartment AKM and 60 cartridges for it, two RGD-5 grenades and a bayonet knife. The majority of detainees are citizens of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan along with several natives of Russia.

The apartment on Sholokhovskaya Street was occupied by two Russian citizens. They had AKM with two full magazines and two F-1 grenades. The most interesting thing is that the apartment did not belong to anyone. Officers could not find any information about its owner. The only thing that police officers discovered was that two children were registered in the apartment.

Detainees had the uniform of employees of the Moscow metro, the agency said.