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About 710,000 Kyrgyz citizens - labor migrants

About 710,000 Kyrgyz citizens are in labor migration. The Deputy Chairman of the State Migration Service Almaz Asanbayev said this at a meeting of Onuguu-Progress faction.

According to him, as of May 2017, there are 616,000 Kyrgyz citizens in Russia, it is 66,000 more than in 2016. About 30,000 Kyrgyz citizens work in Kazakhstan, most of them in Almaty and Astana. About 14,000 of our citizens are in South Korea, about 30,000- in Turkey and 20,000 of our compatriots work in other countries.

He noted that there is an increase in labor migration to Russia.

«400,000 out of the migrants who came to Russia, said that they came for work, and there are conditions for them," Almaz Asanbayev said.

According to him, 15,000 Kyrgyz citizens have a residence permit in Russia.

One of the problems in Russia is the so-called black list, which in 2014 included 180,000 people. For two years with the help of deputies, the President, the Prime Minister, this list was reduced to 106,000. We hope that in 2017 the list will be reduced by other 44,000 people.

Almaz Asanbayev