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Deputies propose to increase fines for traffic rules violation in Kyrgyzstan

Deputies suggest toughening responsibility for the committed traffic accidents, which caused the death of a person. The document was submitted for public discussion.

The initiator Dastan Bekeshev proposes to exclude the possibility of agreement with the relatives of the victims, which leads to impunity of the accused. «This archaic norm on reconciliation of the parties in case of the death of a person becomes the norm in society. The death of a person is written off to chance, and as a result, the accused continues to drive the vehicle," he said.

It should be noted that the road «epidemic» practically touched every third family in the country. Three people die daily on the roads of the country, and about 2,000 citizens become disabled as a result of traffic accidents every year.

Dastan Bekeshev

According to the deputy, this statistics will grow steadily in the presence of corruption norms, which allow to avoid criminal punishment. In addition, he proposes to increase fines. So, a fine of 100,000 soms or imprisonment for up to three years is proposed for causing less serious harm to the health of a victim in a traffic accident.

A violation that entailed death is punishable by imprisonment for a term of five to seven years with deprivation of the right to drive a vehicle for three years.

A fine of 1 million soms with a ban on holding certain positions for up to three years or imprisonment for five years is provided if one or more people died in the traffic accident for driving drunk or without driving license.

Violation by the passenger, pedestrian or other participant of the traffic safety rules or transport operation, if it caused serious or less serious harm to the health of the victim, is punished with a fine of 500,000 soms. The same act, which caused the death of one or more persons by negligence, is punishable by a fine of 1 million soms or by imprisonment for a term of three to five years.

Cases of automobile-pedestrians accidents, in particular, children became more frequent in Kyrgyzstan. In the first quarter of 2017, 82 accidents involving children took place in Bishkek. One child was killed, 84 were injured. In 2016, there were 76 traffic accidents in which one child was killed, 92 injured.

During the same period, 1,169 accidents occurred in the republic. 148 people were killed and 1, 886 — injured. 204 accidents with the participation of children were recorded, in which 8 were killed and 221 children were injured.