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All officials from January 1, 2018 required passing exam in Kyrgyz language

All officials from January 1, 2018 are required passing an exam in the Kyrgyz language. The corresponding draft government decree was prepared by the State Personnel Service (the document can be found on the official website of the Cabinet of Ministers).

The authors of the initiative believe that for the successful performance of their duties, a civil servant must know the Kyrgyz language well.

The list of those who must pass the exam is headed by the president, the speaker of parliament, the prime minister, the heads of the presidential and government apparatuses, the heads of the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Chamber, the secretary of the Security Council, the head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, the prosecutor general and his deputies, the ombudsman and the head CEC.

The draft resolution says that the language examination must necessarily be passed by deputies of the parliament, members of the government, plenipotentiary representatives of the government in the regions, akims.

Recall, earlier the law obliged candidates for presidents to pass examination. Applicants for the post of the mayor of the capital handed over a written test (dictation) for knowledge of Kyrgyz.

In 2014, civil servants passed a test for knowledge of state language for the first time in Kyrgyzstan.