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Activists demand not to make contradictory amendments to law on elections

Activists demand not to introduce contradictory amendments to the Law «On elections of the President and deputies of Parliament." They held a protest near the White House building today.

According to organizer Ainura Usupbekova, these changes discredit independent observers and restrict their rights.

«We ask to delete these amendments. They touch upon, first of all, the candidates, and not just observers. Because it is we, independent observers, that appeal to the courts, protecting the rights of voters and candidates for seats in the Parliament or for the presidency, «Ainura Usupbekova said.

Recall, the deputies of the Parliament have removed two subparagraphs from the law regarding the rights of observers (Article 9): «Observers have the right to move freely and to be present at any polling station and at election committee meetings» and «Observers have the right to appeal decisions and (or) actions (inaction) of the election commission at which they are directed.»