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Children of migrants leave Kyrgyzstan to search for their parents

«Almost every day we receive data from Russia and Kazakhstan about the detention of minors from Kyrgyzstan who are there without parental care," the head of the office of the International Organization for Migration Bermet Moldobaeva told reporters today.

«They are placed in reception centers there. There are a lot of facts when the child simply decided to go to Russia in search of his parents," she said.

The issues of labor exploitation of children are also very relevant. Children were found in terrible conditions when they pastured livestock, worked in markets, in households. The age of children is from two to 17 years old, many of them are little kids.

Bermet Moldobaeva

«We ask ourselves: can it happen that at the time when parents became victims of labor exploitation somewhere in Russia, their children also became victims of labor or sexual exploitation in the country where they were left? It is also possible," Bermet Moldobaeva said.

«The percentage of suicides among migrant children is also very high. Parents, who have spent many years in migration, face enormous psychological problems of reunification with children. Parents who left for the opportunity to earn money for children, returned, bought houses, land, cars, but in 5–10 years, many lost their children," Bermet Moldobaeva said.

According to her, links with children are irretrievably lost. If 10 years ago, women, labor migrants, were told that at the cost of their well-being they would lose their children, they would never have left.