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Several hundred of blind and deaf people go to picket in Gorky Park in Bishkek

Several hundred people with hearing and sight impairments go to a picket in Gorky Park in Bishkek. Participants of the picket «For the Unity of the Kyrgyz Blind and Deaf Association» moved thriugh Ala-Too Square.

«We are heading to the monument to Gorky in order to hold our campaign in civilized manner. Our goal is to show the unity of our association. Over the past two or three years, there have been all kinds of rumors about it. And the second: we need to solve the housing problem, which has not been solved for a long time," the chairman of the Blind and Deaf Association Marat Tashbaev told 24.kg news agency.

About ten people hold a rally at the White House. They demand the President to receive them.

They are also hearing and sight disabled, but they just hide behind our names.

Marat Tashbaev