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Taza Koom project to prevent "brain drain"

Participants of the international conference «Taza Koom» will compile a list of potential foreign and Kyrgyz entrepreneurs interested in developing projects in this direction. The head of the State Committee of Information Technologies and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic Bakyt Sharshembiyev told today.

According to him, «projects are aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens, creation of conditions to stop the so-called «brain drain," the development of a competitive business.»

Recall, Taza Koom was initiated by the President of the Kyrgyz Republic; it is implemented by the efforts of representatives of civil society, government agencies and private businesses. This is a national high-tech project to build a state that serves citizens, improves public services and creates better conditions for business.

As expected, the implementation of Taza Koom will lead to greater transparency in the state administration system and will become a powerful tool for preventing corruption. According to the plan, the project will cover the social and legal sphere, improve the quality and safety of citizens' lives.

Taza Koom was presented on April 6, 2017. There were similar initiatives in Kyrgyzstan, but due to certain circumstances, they were unsuccessful.