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President: Orozo is time of spiritual purification, new thoughts and hopes

«Orozo is revered by the Muslims around the world as a time of spiritual purification, good intentions and new hopes; it reminds people about the need to do good deeds, forgive offenses, and engage in charity," the congratulatory message of the President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev on the beginning of the holy month says.

«The holy fasting strengthens faith in good and justice, gives people confidence in their abilities. During Orozo, every Muslim asks himself the question: what did he do good for this world and for the people. «Good thoughts rejuvenate a person, and bad intentions -make old," folk wisdom says. If everyone achieves spiritual purification, the entire society will become spiritually and morally pure, the state will develop and prosper," the head of Kyrgyzstan noted and wished the holy month of Orozo to bring happiness, good health and success to everybody.