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Current CSTO system may not react to new threats

The current CSTO system may not react to new threats, the chairman of the Assembly of the People of Kyrgyzstan Tokon Mamytov said at the forum « 25th anniversary of Collective Security Treaty: Achievements and Prospects.»

According to him, it is necessary to introduce integration mechanisms.

«If they are not updated, they won’t work in 5 years. Also, it is necessary to develop cooperation with security agencies of neighboring countries. Ferghana Valley has military-political stability. But it worked efficiently yesterday. It can’t react to new threats," Tokon Mamytov said.

He added that it is necessary to increase the significance of the CSTO. The system must be operational and not politicized.

«The fact that we conduct trainings is good. But tomorrow it will not work. Syria either conducted exercises, drafted, played," Tokon Mamytov said.