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Terrorist activity on rise on Afghanistan-Tajikistan border

Terrorist activity is growing in Afghanistan on the border with Tajikistan. Igor Panarin, Adviser to the Office of Information Programs of the CSTO Secretariat said today at the forum «25th anniversary of Collective Security Treaty: Achievements and Prospects.»

According to him, CSTO is a well established organization and Kyrgyzstan played an important role in its development.

But despite the active work of the CSTO, the terrorist threat is growing.

He cited statistics of terrorist attacks in 29 countries. Most of them are in Afghanistan — 55.

«Last year, there were 249 terrorist attacks. As of May 23, 2017, 142 terrorist acts were recorded," Igor Panarin stressed.

«It is concerning that the growth occurs on the borders with Tajikistan. Last year, 96 terrorist attacks had been committed along CSTO borders. As for the very territory of the CSTO, there were eight terrorist attacks. This year, terrorists have already conducted four attacks," Igor Panarin explained.