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Naryn restaurant in Bishkek to be demolished

It was decided to demolish the former restaurant Naryn in Bishkek, located at the intersection of Frunze and Shopokov Streets. The head of Sverdlovsk district Samarbek Bolotbekov informed 24.kg news agency.

A fence is being installed around the perimeter of the building.

«Media repeatedly wrote that the minors climb on the roof of the building, and there is a possibility that they will get injured. Owners of the object closed windows and doors several times, but children and homeless people broke them and penetrated inside. In this regard, we have instructed to fence in the territory completely. It is not known yet when the demolition of the building begins. It is planned to build some commercial facility there," Samarbek Bolotbekov said.

He noted that all the long-standing trials around the facility, because of which it stood idle, ended.

Bishkekglavarhitektura reported that it received no statements, sketch works or proposals for building at the restaurant site.

The authorities repeatedly raised the issue of the fate of Naryn. «It looks like after bombing! It is city center. All guests come, even presidents lay flowers on Victory Square. This can not continue. It is necessary either to change the owners, or to start moving in this direction," the ex-prime minister Temir Sariev said in 2016.