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Boeing 747 crash. Money and distribution

The money, big money, always gives rise to questions and suspicions. Special accounts for collecting money are opened in Kyrgyzstan after serious emergencies and other incidents.

Citizens in our country are not indifferent, and therefore they are actively responding to the call for help. State employees, as a rule, are not asked; their one-day salary and even more is simply kept back.

However, the government does not hurry to answer what the money was spent on. The maximum that officials do is voice the total amount collected. A special account has now been opened to help victims of natural disasters in the south of the republic. Meanwhile, the society is still raising the question how the money was distributed among the relatives of the victims and the victims of the Boeing 747 crash in Dacha SU community in Sokuluk district of Chui region on January 16.

Remember the grandmothers, who give the money from their small pensions. Or children, teenagers who broke their piggy banks in support of their age-mates.

The people were providing help, expecting it to reach the addressees. And they have the right to know whether it had been received.

Everything was decided collegially

The government refused to present a surname list indicating the amounts for the safety of relatives of the victims and the victims. Allegedly, there have been attempts to rob them. The government commission instructed the relevant authorities to ensure the safety of the affected citizens.

The money was distributed by a special commission created by the head of Novopavlovsky rural administration. It included relatives of the victims, the victims, local residents and representatives of state bodies.

24.kg news agency got the official documents on payments as of May 10. In total, the account of the Ministry of Emergency Situations received 100, 499, 300 soms. According to the list, 92,670,000 soms had been paid to the relatives of the victims and the victims.

Who got help

The amount of payment for the dead and destroyed houses varies from 2.3 million to 12.15 million soms. Since the principle and the mechanism of distribution of aid was not officially announced, it can be assumed that the number of deceased relatives and the degree of kinship, the children-half-orphans, the destroyed housing, the experienced stress were taken into account when distributing the money.

In particular, one of the recipients got 2.3 million soms for one dead, damage to health, a destroyed house and psychological stress. Another was transferred 4.15 million for two victims and psychological stress. The third received 6.3 million for two dead, the children half-orphans, for damage to health and a destroyed house.

The largest payment was 12, 150,000 soms: for four dead, two half-orphan children, a ruined house and for stress.

Two small children, who became orphans, were transferred only 2 million. The funds were credited to deposits. They will be given to children only after they reach adulthood.

By the way, analyzing two lists — the spending of funds from the special account and renters, one discrepancy was found. According to the first list, one of the recipients was transferred 6,075 million soms for five dead relatives, stress and a destroyed house. According to the second list — he got 7,075 million. It was not possible to clarify this difference in figures in the government.

Other nine people received 500,000 soms each for the reconstruction of the destroyed housing.

Some citizens, despite the fact that they were not injured in the tragedy, did not hesitate to demand payments. As a result, 5 million in the form of a one-time material and moral support — 10,000–25,000 soms-were allocated out of the total amount (100, 499, 300 soms) to the residents of the affected village.

«There are persons (not among the victims) who have several land plots and require payment of a one-time moral compensation for each plot separately. There are also cases when several families (relatives) living in the same house demand payment of a one-time moral compensation separately for each family, thereby shifting the solution of related family conflicts to the state," the Cabinet reported.

How much money is left?

After the tragedy, the government rented apartments for those who were left without housing. In connection with the transfer of the money, the victims left the temporary housing paid by the state.

Seven citizens have already purchased an apartment or a house. Some more citizens, who did not have their own housing before the plane crash, rented an apartment at their own expense or moved to live with their relatives.

The head of the Novopavlovsky rural administration of Sokuluk district Ulan Sadaliev told 24.kg news agency that there was a certain balance on the account of the Ministry of Emergency Situations left. A few people have not received the money yet. «Today, the local population has questions about the infrastructure and the future of the settlement — will it receive the status of the village or not," he said.

And the government commission continues negotiations with the Turkish side on the payment of material assistance to the victims and relatives of the deceased. The Cabinet promised to provide detailed information after the negotiations. Will it present it?