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China tightens visa policy, Kyrgyzstan looking for solutions

China has tightened its visa policy in respect of the citizens of Central Asia, in particular Kyrgyzstan. And there are reasons for that: the growth in the terrorist activity forces the Chinese authorities to take special precautions to prevent the penetration of destructive forces. Press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

In order to introduce appropriate control in relation to foreigners whose purpose of entry was not in line with their actual activities, the PRC authorities decided that it was now necessary to receive special invitations from the authorized bodies of China.

There are also technical problems associated with the process of submitting documents: this is the introduction of an electronic queue with the need for advance appointment by e-mail and taking of biometric data of all the applicants for visas.

Since February 10, 2017, it became necessary to fingerprint citizens of Central Asia applying for a visa.

The MFA provides all kinds of assistance to Kyrgyz citizens traveling to the PRC for various purposes.

During repeated meetings with the Chinese partners, it was possible to reach agreements on a mechanism for obtaining driver’s visas outside the electronic queue — 25 people a day on first come, first served basis.

It is noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to receive applications and appeals from individuals and legal entities complaining about difficulties in obtaining a Chinese visa. In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed concern over the situation at the meetings with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC and the governor of the XUAR.

According to the press service of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the head of the ministry Erlan Abdyldaev called on the Chinese partners to seek joint solutions. In their turn, the competent authorities of China are studying new algorithms for issuing visas in order to further optimize and improve the visa issuance process.

In order to expand the technical capabilities for issuing visas, the issue of empowering the Consulate General of China in the city of Osh will be considered.

The press service added that the parties agreed to jointly solve visa problems.

The head of the visa office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the city of Urumqi was instructed to carefully monitor the situation with Kyrgyz carriers, and in case of need to travel to Topo and Ulugchat for meetings with drivers.