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MP: Not Russian, but English can become second language in Kyrgyzstan

Deputy of the Parliament Azamat Arapbaev today at a meeting of the SDPK faction said that it is necessary to increase the hours for studying English in schools. 

According to him, the Kyrgyz people leave the country and work where low-skilled citizens are employed.    

If teenagers learn English from the first grade, then 750,000 of our citizens would work not in Russia, but in Europe with a higher level of qualification.

Azamat Arapbaev

“We talk a lot about increasing the hours of English in schools. And for this, teachers are needed. It is necessary to increase the number of grant places in universities in this direction. Then in 6-7 years Kyrgyzstan will join the number of English-speaking countries. Perhaps, English, not Russian will be the second language,” Azamat Arapbaev suggested.

 The meeting participants discusses migration issues.