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Data of Social Fund, Tax Service and other state bodies in KR to be integrated

Kyrgyzstan introduces e-governance, which will integrate data from the Social Fund, the State Tax Service and other government agencies into a single database. This became known today at the session of the Parliament.

Deputies are considering bills on electronic signature and electronic governance. One of the initiators, Dastan Bekeshev, noted that today each state body and municipal authorities have different databases.

«There is one database in the Social Fund, another in the Tax Service, the State Registration Service has more full information, the National Statistical Committee has other data. Therefore, it turns out that some pay a tax in one place, but don’t pay social charges, there is no data synchronization. We suggest combining the data. How can this be done? There will be an interdepartmental connection. There is a system «Tunduk," all databases of each state body are transformed into one format," Dastan Bekeshev said.

Following the consideration, the bills were sent for voting.