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Kyrgyzstan not gives children for adoption to same-sex families abroad

Kyrgyzstan does not give children for adoption to same-sex families abroad. The head of the department for the protection of the family and children of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, Janyl Dzhumabaeva, told today at a press conference.

According to her, both healthy and children with disabilities can be placed for adoption.

Over the past three years, 95 percent of children out of 66 adopted by foreign citizens have congenital pathologies. They are all provided with quality medical care. Most of all foreigners adopt children of school age who have lived in orphanages for more than six years and have not been adopted by our citizens. All of them are registered in the embassies of the Kyrgyz Republic. We are provided with timely reports on the lives of the children.

Janyl Dzhumabaeva

«Children obtain the citizenship of the country of their adoptive parents, but at the same time, they retain the citizenship of Kyrgyzstan till 18 years. Citizens of the United States, Finland, and Sweden have adopted children in the past three years," she noted.