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About 7,000 HIV-infected registered in Kyrgyzstan

About 7,000 HIV-infected registered in Kyrgyzstan, Deputy Minister of Health Oleg Gorin informed 24.kg news agency.

«This is since the first registration — 20 years ago.  About 600 of them are children. 1,634 people died during this time. We, for our part, primarily carry out HIV prevention, rise health awareness, testing for the presence of infection. I think that everyone should know his HIV status," the Deputy Minister of Health said.

According to him, testing is conducted anonymously. If HIV status is detected, antiretroviral therapy is prescribed.

He added that the campaign that started the day before indicates that there is discrimination in Kyrgyzstan against people with a positive HIV status. «Not everyone understands that communication with such people is safe, so people are afraid of HIV-infected people," Oleg Gorin said.

Recall, Bishkek launched a campaign in support of HIV-infected people in Kyrgyzstan with the participation of Kyrgyz artists and singers.