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First in Central Asia Center for Torture Victims opened in Bishkek

The first in Central Asia Center for Victims of Torture and Violence was opened in Bishkek. The psychotherapist of the center Tynchtykbek Asanov informed 24.kg news agency.

«The Alter Ego Center will provide comprehensive assistance, special emphasis is placed on psychological and psychotherapeutic support for the victims. We will mainly work with the psychological consequences of torture, with the soul of a person. Bodily wounds can heal over, but the memory of the tortures may last a lifetime," Tynchtykbek Asanov said.

According to him, one more task of the center will be providing comprehensive medical assistance, documenting of the physical, mental and social consequences of torture. «The plans are to implement educational programs related to the problem of torture and violence," Tynchtykbek Asanov added.

Head of the Public Foundation «Voice of Freedom» Sardar Bagishbekov said that the center «is the only center in Central Asia that provides assistance to victims of torture." «The second center is planned to be opened in the south of the country, in the city of Osh," he added.