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Results of survey: Most of citizens don’t follow developments in Kyrgyzstan

Most of the citizens surveyed don’t follow developments in Kyrgyzstan. Such data was presented by the Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society following the results of a nationwide telephone poll.

According to its data, 40 percent of respondents answered that they don’t follow social and political events at all, while 38 percent are interested in them from time to time, and 22 percent of respondents answered that they monitor and are interested in news in the country regularly.

As for the age categories, people aged 55 years and over are most interested in socio-political events in the country — this age category accounts for 37 percent.

The most popular source of information among the population is television (64 percent), then- online publications (18) and social networks (12).

It should be noted that young people aged 18 to 34 are more and more preferring online publications and social networks — 29 percent and 21 percent respectively, which in total gives 50 percent of people in this age group who receive information online.

The most active Internet users (Internet and social networks) live in cities of national importance — Bishkek (42), Osh (44), as well as in Jalal-Abad (28) and Osh (31) regions.