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CEC of Kyrgyzstan worries about early campaigning of presidential candidates

Some political parties have already sent their campaign materials to the CEC for approval, but formally presidential elections haven’t yet been appointed, Deputy Chairwoman of the Central Election Commission Atyr Abdrakhmatova said today during the discussion of the terms of the campaign and the rules of election campaigning.

According to her, many candidates for the presidency became active in printed publications, on television, in social networks, in various campaigns before the announcement of the election campaign.

«We assume that young, new leaders, women, will run for election. Therefore, we made a collective appeal to political parties in the form of a recommendation. We need to ensure the same start for all candidates and the opportunity for voters to receive in one period all possible information about all candidates," Atyr Abdrakhmatova added.

In our legislation, there is no concept of early agitation prior to the appointment of elections. It was a friendly appeal, a moral appeal to political parties.

Atyr Abdrakhmatova

Earlier, the CEC urged potential participants in the presidential election to refrain from early campaigning.