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Not all entrepreneurs of Kyrgyzstan can work with investments

Not all entrepreneurs of Kyrgyzstan can work with investments. Representatives of the Eurasia Business Union stated this at a press conference in 24.kg news agency.

According to Victoria Kologrivova, the lion’s share of business in the Kyrgyz Republic is in the shadow. «The main investments come to us from Italy, Austria, Russia and Hungary. But recently we encountered such a problem as customs when we transported such a delicate commodity as strawberries. There are no refrigerators for storage, we have been at customs for eight hours," Victoria Kologrivova said.

Another representative of the Business Union, Olga Osetrova, spoke about the initiative of breeding of rabbits for China according to Russian technologies. She noted that the Chinese buy everything.

«But again we are confronted with the oddness of farms, so we can’t provide the necessary volume. Our partners are ready to invest up to 90 percent from Russia, but 10 percent should still be Kyrgyz investments so that we can be co-founders. In general, we need to unite small farms to produce up to a hundred tons of rabbit meat per month," Olga Osetrova said.

Speakers added that the Hungarians are also interested in the development of agriculture.

«The directions are different: vegetable farms, fruit bases, slaughterhouses. In a word, processing and storage. The Hungarians are ready to help," Viktoria Kologrivova stressed, noting that the members of the union are interested in the Chinese market, since Russia can still be accessed only through Kazakhstan.