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Kyrgyzstan lacks about 2,000 family doctors

Kyrgyzstan lacks about 2,000 family doctors. The head of the Family Medicine Department of the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Nurlan Brimkulov told.

«At present, we lack about 2,000 family doctors, and there is virtually no access to qualified medical care in many villages. We need to urgently resolve the issues of training family doctors and their support in order them to go for work to the periphery," Nurlan Brimkulov said.

The number of family doctors is increasing, three times more students than in Soviet times graduate from the academy. But they, almost without delay, leave medicine or leave the country.

Nurlan Brimkulov

According to him, it is important to create a department of family medicine, since this raises the training of family doctors to a new level.

«Up to date, the medical academy and all medical institutes have not trained family doctors. Until now, we have been studying according to a program developed in the Soviet era. The Ministry of Health adopted a strategy and even formed a family medicine institute, but doctors in medical schools are taught as before," the head of the department added.

«To make up for the staff shortage, we decided to retrain the existing doctors. The Institute of Family Medicine in Kyrgyzstan has been introduced, it is now necessary to make it work, and doctors to stay on the job," Nurlan Brimkulov said.