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Interest in blue-collar jobs grows in Kyrgyzstan

Interest in blue-collar jobs is growing in Kyrgyzstan. Press service of the Ministry of Education and Science informed.

As of today, 100 educational institutions of the system of primary vocational education train specialists in 80 professions and specialties. There is an increase in students in vocational schools.

The people began to understand that study at a vocational school makes it possible to obtain a profession in a short period of time, and then find a job with good wage.

Head of the Ministry of Education Gulmira Kudaiberdieva

For the past three years, about 50 vocational schools have been renovated and equipped with modern educational equipment and furniture. Currently, repair and restoration work is being carried out in 10 educational institutions.

«Since last year, the Skills Development Fund has started its activity in Kyrgyzstan, whose goal is to react quickly to labor market needs for working professions. Up to date, the fund received 5,000 applications for short-term training from employers and individual job seekers. At least 3,096 people of them are trained in 25 professions," the Ministry of Education added.