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Mountaineering Federation not to support idea of naming peak in honor of Stalin

The Mountaineering Federation of Kyrgyzstan doesn’t support the initiative to name one of the nameless peaks in the republic in honor of Joseph Stalin, its vice president Vladimir Biryukov said to 24.kg news agency.

Today, Rossiyskaya Gazeta wrote that «the peak of Joseph Stalin may appear in Kyrgyzstan." A group of veterans of mountaineering sports and journalism of the KR made an initiative to assign his name to one of the peaks in the republic.

24.kg news agency applied to the Mountaineering Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic, whose vice president stated that «we didn’t receive such information." «I’ve heard about this for the first time. If even someone wanted to name a peak in honor of Stalin, they first must give the documents to the Parliament and the government, and then the President for approval. But, I think that it’s useless, it’s unnecessary," Vladimir Biryukov said.

«The peak, which they want to name in honor of Stalin, is located in the Panfilov district of Chui region of KR, about a hundred kilometers from Bishkek. The height of the peak is about 4,200 meters above sea level. In summer, the same group of climbers plans to make another ascent to the nameless peak and install a metal sign with Stalin’s portrait on the spot," the newspaper reported.