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Cecilia Nanni: I don’t dance tango, but I like kara jorgo

Cecilia Nanni is a volunteer from Argentina. She has been teaching Spanish in Kyrgyzstan for two years already. As it turned out, there are enough people who want to learn Spanish in Bishkek: there are 30 people in Cecilia’s group. Similar language clubs were also opened in Tokmak and Osh.

The Argentinian, who knows neither Russian nor Kyrgyz, told that she did not feel any language barrier. In her opinion, English of Bishkek residents is very good.

Before coming to Kyrgyzstan, Cecilia, like many foreigners, as she told, tried to find information about the country on the Internet, but there is too little there. So the girl was coming here, as they say, blindly.

— This is your first time in Kyrgyzstan. What do you like the most?

— Most of all I like people and mountains here. I fell in love with Issyk-Kul Lake. Kyrgyzstan is my second home now. I plan to work here for a few years and return to my homeland.

— I know from «soap operas» that the Argentinians are cheerful, dancing people. For example, tango is also very popular with us. Do you like dancing?

— I’m not a dancing Argentinian, but I like to look at dancers. I liked the Kyrgyz dance kara jorgo, and I even started dancing. Of course, I had to work on the mobility of my body. The Argentinian dances involve mostly hips and legs, and kara jorgo requires flexibility of arms and back.

— Many foreigners like our cuisine…

— Yes, I really like the lagman in almost all its forms. Food here is different from Argentine. At first, I tasted everything, now I even know restaurants and cafes in Bishkek and their best dishes.

— What has fascinated or disappointed you in close acquaintance with the local population?

— People here are sympathetic, they are very patient with foreigners and are always ready to help. Now I have many friends in Bishkek who speak to me in English and Spanish.

— What do you miss in Bishkek?

— Sometimes I miss Argentinian food and my family. I think it would be nice if someone opened an Argentinian restaurant here.

-Are there any similarities between Bishkek and your hometown?

-No, because I was living in a town, and here it is a little bit bigger, and the customs of the country are very different.

— What would you change in Bishkek?

— Traffic, sometimes it is crazy. Despite the traffic lights, it is often difficult and dangerous to cross a road.