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Gold reserve of Kyrgyzstan grows by 110 kilograms for 2 months

For March-April, the gold reserve of Kyrgyzstan increased by 110 kilograms. The World Gold Council published such data on the results of four months of 2017.

It publishes a monthly rating of the 100 largest countries — holders of gold and foreign exchange reserves. It includes Kyrgyzstan, which is at the 84th place.

In April, the share of gold in the structure of the country’s reserves was 9.9 percent, having increased by 0.5 percent.

In real terms, Kyrgyzstan has 4,878 tons of precious metal, which is 110 kilograms more than in March.

The neighboring countries have more gold. Tajikistan is at the 64th place (14.6 tons), Belarus — at the 48th (40.7 tons), Kazakhstan — at the 21st (267.7 tons) and Russia is at the 7th place (1,680.1 tons).

There are no data on Armenia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.