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Kyrgyzstanis win 10 medals at International Taekwondo Tournament in Russia

Kyrgyzstanis won 10 medals at the International ITE Taekwondo Tournament held in Yugorsk (Russia). Temirlan Tagaybaev, a coach, informed 24.kg news agency.

More than 450 athletes from 15 regions of Russia participated in the competition, as well as nine Kyrgyzstanis (representatives of the Sports School for National and Applied Sports) — trainees of Sergey Faustov and Temirlan Tagaybaev.

The national athletes won two gold, six silver and two bronze awards. Kiril Drozdenko took the first place in 14–15 years age group in the weight category up to 50 kilograms. Aleksey Deryavkin was the first among wrestlers of 16–17 years in weight over 85 kg.

Karlygash Fatkulina won two silver medals. Emir Sabyrov, Erlan Mamatkanov, Ruslan Ilyasov and Marlen Bechelov won one silver medal each. Aziz Duishenbekov and Nikolay Andreev became bronze medal winners in their categories.