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Human rights activists concerned about sequence of claims against media

Representatives of the Coalition «For Democracy and Civil Society» criticized the Prosecutor General of Kyrgyzstan Indira Dzholdubaeva for having filed another scandalous lawsuit against Cholpon Dzhakupova, Naryn Aiyp and Dina Maslova.

The coalition is puzzled how Indira Dzoldubaeva decided that «a person with maniac inclinations» from the speech of Cholpon Dzhakupova on March 30 at a roundtable, organized by Ombudsman Kubat Otorbaev, is Almazbek Atambayev?

«Those present remember that Cholpon Dzhakupova definitely did not voice the name of a person. Based on the «contextual analysis» of events, this phrase could be attributed to Indira Dzholdubaeva herself, taking into account the serial nature of her actions on filing lawsuits against citizens allegedly in defense of the President. It is noteworthy that according to the text of the claim, experts admit that «Dzhakupova uses irony and sarcasm towards the Prosecutor General’s Office." Therefore, the interpretation by Indira Dzholdubaeva of the phrase «it’s time to stop a person with maniacal inclinations» is extremely controversial, solely in relation to the President. Is it possible to assume that Indira Dzholdubaeva used the name of the head of state to take revenge on Cholpon Dzhakupova for «irony and sarcasm towards the Prosecutor General’s Office»? the organization asked.

The organization points out that the republic has sharply lowered its positions because of the «emotionally expressive» lawsuits of the last time. «Kyrgyzstan is no longer considered as a relatively free country and can not be called «an island of democracy in Central Asia." The unprecedented surge of lawsuits against journalists and public figures has already created negative public opinion, as well as the escalation of the situation around the president’s name, the emotionally tense situation in the country, caused international repercussions, inflicted huge damage to the president’s reputation and democratic image of Kyrgyzstan," the coalition believes.