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Supporters of Omurbek Tekebayev gather at Bishkek City Court building

Supporters of the leader of Ata Meken party, deputy of Parliament Omurbek Tekebayev gather near the Bishkek City Court building.

There are about 30–40 of them now. There are lawyers of the politician, public figures Asiya Sasykbaeva and Tursunbek Akun among them. They have flags of Ata Meken and posters with the inscription «Freedom to Tekebayev.»

The organizers have installed a loudspeaker from which the recording of Omurbek Tekebaev’s speech at one of the parliament sessions and the song of Ata Meken sound.

Police officers control order at the scene.

The lawyer of another arrested — former deputy Sadyr Zhaparov, Sharabidin Toktosunov, — is also at the building.

As he told, he was there because that his client must be brought to court today.

«On April 24, they extended the term of detention to Sadyr Zhaparov. I am here because I wrote an appeal to the court, and it should be considered today," the lawyer said.