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Mutual trade turnover in EDB countries to increase in 2017

Taking into account the stabilization of commodity prices, as well as the exchange rates of most countries participating in the Eurasian Development Bank, the prospects for entry of the dynamics of commodity circulation in the region in the positive zone following 2017 results are also improving. This is stated in the macroeconomic digest of the EDB for the first quarter of 2017.

It is noted that in April the external conditions for the EDB countries improved due to the growth of optimism in the world markets. The scale of improvement is insignificant, but the signal that after several years of stagnation there appeared signs of improvement in the dynamics of world economic growth is important here.

For EDB countries, improvement of the external background stimulates economic activity by supporting commodity prices, capital flows to emerging markets, and improving the dynamics of remittances.

At the same time, Belarus showed the sharpest acceleration of economic growth over the past few months. The picture is also favorable in Armenia, where in March the index of economic activity accelerated to 6.8 percent. In Kazakhstan, the growth of the short-term economic indicator in March was 6.8 percent, which is the highest since December 2013. High rates of economic growth persisted in the first quarter in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

«The trends of recent months indicate the possibility of entry of all EDB countries into the zone of positive economic growth rates for the current year. This, in its turn, will expand the capacity of the countries of the region in increase of exports and use of integration processes for further restoration of economic activity," the EDB analysts note.