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Four-lane road to be built in Karakol this year

Four kilometers of four-lane road will be built in Karakol town in Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan this year. Its mayor Daniyar Arpachiev told to 24.kg news agency.

«As of today, the most problematic roads are central ones. We are raising the issue of repairing Toktogul, Abdrakhmanov and Kydyr-Ake Streets since the last year. About 10 kilometers of them are to be repaired; the project cost is about 370 million soms. We do not have such sum. The budget of Karakol town is about 200 million soms, most of which is spent on social issues," the mayor explained.

According to him, Karakol authorities and residents appealed to the President, the government and the Parliament with a request to allocate money for the repair of the main streets of Karakol.

There are 195 kilometers of roads in Karakol, 120 kilometers of which are paved with asphalt, the rest are unpaved.

Daniyar Arpachiev

As a result, on April 29 the Ministry of Transport and Roads announced a tender for 59 million soms. «The money will be spent to repair the segment of Toktogul to Parkovaya Street. The construction of a four-lane road will begin in June," Daniyar Arpachiev said.

«In addition, 40 million soms are allocated from the Issyk-Kul Development Fund. We will start building the road from the ring to the northern exit of Karakol. It is 1.3 kilometers. Then, 7 million soms were allocated from the local budget for the repair of internal roads — Frunze, Derbishev, Zhaparov and Marx Streets. Streets in Voskhod and Kashka-Suu micro districts will be repaired. In general, we found 140 million for the reconstruction of roads in Karakol this year," the mayor of the regional center said.