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SRS tells about passports needed for voting in elections in Kyrgyzstan

The State Registration Service of Kyrgyzstan told 24.kg news agency which passports are needed to participate in presidential elections.

According to the Deputy Chairman of SRS Dastan Dogoyev, acceptance, registration and production of a new type of documents — biometric ID cards, is being carried out since May 1. However, this does not mean that the documents issued earlier become invalid. «ID card is a document proving the identity of a citizen of Kyrgyzstan. One should not obligatory replace it, only at will," he said.

Primary execution and issuance of ID card of 2017 type, including the replacement of passports issued in 2004 and 1994, are carried out free of charge until December 31. Exception is urgent production, loss or damage of a new ID card.

It is also possible to take part in voting using not expired passport. Those who still have passports issued in 1994 will be restricted in obtaining services. They will have to replace documents, since they are considered to be invalid.