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Isa Omurkulov believes that New Year to hinder presidential elections

Leader of the SDPK parliamentary faction Isa Omurkulov explained to 24.kg news agency why the presidential election can’t be held in November.

According to him, according to the amendment, the election campaign should be scheduled for October 15, 2017, and not for November 19.

«If we hold elections on November 19, we won’t meet the deadline. Most likely, there will be a second round. And then there are New Year’s holidays. Will the time be enough: to calculate, and publish the results? Moreover, elections are traditionally held in the autumn. There will be favorable weather conditions and all voters will be able to take part in them," Isa Omurkulov said.

Note, some deputies suggest holding elections on October 1. However, the leader of the SDPK Isa Omurkulov previously stated to 24.kg news agency that the relevant amended bill had already been submitted to the parliament and adopted in the first reading — presidential elections can be held on the third Sunday in October.

Advisor to the head of state Farid Niyazov also commented on the discussion on the date of the presidential election. And the deputies of Ata Meken parliamentary faction stated that the presidential elections should be held on August 27, 2017.