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Three more obstacles for trade in EEU to be eliminated

Three more restrictions in the Eurasian Economic Union that prevent the free movement of goods and services in the domestic market will be removed, the press service of the EEC reported.

In particular, in Belarus, in addition to the requirements of the technical regulations of the EEU, the sanitary and hygienic examination procedure not provided by the Union Agreement has been introduced.

It is mandatory for food products, children’s products, perfumes and cosmetics, oral hygiene products, building materials and raw materials, household appliances, automotive components.

Another barrier in Kazakhstan is the non-conformity of the EEU right to purchase from the budget funds of drugs, vaccines and other immunobiological drugs within the framework of the program of guaranteed free medical care.

With such purchases, preferential conditions for participation in competitive procedures are provided to national suppliers. Representatives of Kazakhstan will remove this barrier by July 1.

In addition, the lack of uniform rules for the collection of a security deposit in the sale of alcohol products is considered to be the limitation.

It is used in all participating countries, with the exception of Armenia. In Russia it is higher for foreign suppliers than for domestic ones. In Belarus and Kazakhstan, only foreign sellers are charged, in Kyrgyzstan only from suppliers from the EEU countries. This creates discriminatory conditions for exporters.