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Veterans of Great Patriotic War from former Soviet republics gather in Astana

All veterans of the Great Patriotic War from the former Soviet republics gathered at the forum in Astana (Kazakhstan), the forum participants from Kyrgyzstan Konstantin Konkin reported.

According to him, delegations from 15 former Soviet republics took part in the forum titled «The Great Victory, Obtained by Unity: Front Courage — Persistence of the Rear," which was held yesterday in the capital of Kazakhstan. From Kyrgyzstan took part veteran Yuri Krupin.

«The Great Patriotic War brought an amazing and phenomenal result. The common misfortune made our nations fraternal. Today the world is going through hard times. We are on the verge of a big war. Each of us must realize this. The price of any political error that undermines our cohesion will be immeasurably big," an activist quotes the words of the Kazakh poet Olzhas Suleimenov.

Based on the results of the forum, a resolution will be adopted reflecting the results of the work of the participants in strengthening the integration processes, as well as concrete decisions aimed at preventing certain attempts to distort historical facts about the heroic deed of the Soviet people.