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Felix Kulov accuses Prosecutor General's Office of violating Constitution

«It is illegal for a civil suit to arrest property and forbid to leave," ex-deputy Felix Kulov told 24.kg news agency, commenting on another lawsuit on defending the honor and dignity of the president against journalist Naryn Aiyp, editor-in-chief of Zanoza.kg Dina Maslova, the agency itself and the director of the Legal Clinic Adilet Cholpon Dzhakupova.

Note, the Prosecutor General's Office demands to collect 3 million soms from the four defendants. Dina Maslova, Naryn Aiyp and Cholpon Dzhakupova signed recognizance not to leave the country.

According to Felix Kulov, the ban on leaving the country and the arrest of real estate is provided only for criminal cases.

Under the Constitution, a citizen has the right to free movement and treatment of his property for economic purposes. The restriction imposed by the court on the proposal of the Prosecutor General’s Office against journalists and human rights defenders is contrary to the articles of the Basic Law of the country.

Felix Kulov

«It is an attempt on life - to deprive a person of the opportunity to dispose of his real estate. Maybe this property — the source of his earnings, maybe he rented it or sells it. Never mind. It can serve as a source of income, and deprive it of this right — it borders on a crime," Felix Kulov stressed.

The politician added that Kyrgyzstan has a new way of fighting criticism.