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Over 3,000 trees to be cut on Bishkek - Kara-Balta road

More than 3,000 trees will be cut along Bishkek-Kara-Balta road. The Ministry of Transport and Roads informed 24.kg news agency.

It is noted that the trees will be felled on some sections of the road, since it is planned to increase the number of lanes from two to four and from four to six. In particular, trees will be cut after the traffic police post (turning to Malovodnoe village).

It is planned to fell down 1, 376 trees, the diameter of which does not exceed 32 centimeters. 1,972 trees with a diameter of more than 32 centimeters are to be cut.

The Ministry of Transport added that 4,300 seedlings would be planted instead of the cut down trees. Felling of trees was coordinated with local authorities. Trees that are privately owned will be given to the owners.

More than two hundred objects are to be demolished along the route. $ 2 million are provided for compensation to owners.