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Experts list risks for SCO

Experts voiced the risks for the SCO. They announced this at the round table «Improvement of regional integration processes and multilateral perspectives.»

According to the analysts, certain contradictions may arise in connection with the entry into the organization of the strategic opponents - India and Pakistan.

Ex-SCO Secretary-General Muratbek Imanaliev added that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is a dysfunctional structure in terms of security and economy, and the joining of India and Pakistan is precisely a certain risk for the SCO member states that created the nuclear-free zone.

Muratbek Imanaliev also spoke about possible threats of terrorism and extremism. He noted that the main battle for human socialization was lost by the states of Central Asia, in particular Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

«Moreover, there are different tendencies of socialization in our countries in different national communities — Russian-speaking and mono-national. To what extend the governments of Central Asian countries are ready to cope with the emerging religious identity in this angle is a profound question," Muratbek Imanaliev said.

He added that there are no inter-state relations between the countries of the region. There are relations between persons, that is presidents, and proof of this is the unsolved water problem. «Or, for example, Uzbekistan buys sugar in Ukraine, although it can buy it in Kyrgyzstan," Muratbek Imanaliev said.