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Political decision on Kyrgyzstan’s accession to EEU made, but there is no action

«Political decision to enter the Eurasian Economic Union was made in Kyrgyzstan, but there are no real actions until now," Amangeldi Muraliev, Adviser to the Chairman of the Kyrgyz Union of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs, said at an economic forum today.

According to him, the entire civilized world works in close contact with public associations. This method proved that it really helps to develop the economy, culture and the country. However, some state bodies and the government in Kyrgyzstan are not willing to cooperate with the business community. The efficiency of state management is lost because of this.

«The fact that today there is a real work to unite the efforts of EEU and Silk Road Economic Belt is important in all respects. This is important for Kyrgyzstan, because we are a small country, which is one of the poorest in EEU. The prospect of getting into the current processes and the project and obtaining their economic effect opens up for our entrepreneurs. This is our main task. Now, when we have entered EEU, Kyrgyzstan has had problems. We failed to take actual measures on time to confirm our presence, export products. And this has not been done until now. This relates to the construction of laboratories, the introduction of technical regulations and many infrastructural matters," Amangeldi Muraliev said.

»Kyrgyzstan should fit into the automobile transport corridor Western China — Western Europe. This is the most important transport communication for the movement of our goods. We also have problems with the railways. In fact, we do not have the kind of activity to integrate into this corridor. We must cooperate with China. Thanks to this, we will be able to find an outlet to the sea," he added.